Recent years have shown an increase in antisemitism, manifested both through violent acts against Jews and through hate speech in the different media outlets, both by the public and by influencers. Poland, where Jews have lived for more than a 1,000 years, is the best place to send a clear message from about the importance of combating antisemitism. Fighting antisemitism, as well as other forms of hate and discrimination, is crucial for a just society.

To fulfill this purpose we set up a 48 hours Hackathon, aimed at offering technological solutions for combating antisemitism. The HackHate hackathon gathered together entrepreneurs, startups, programmers, designers, young professionals and scholars from different disciplines with the aim of developing viable methods and tools to combat antisemitism.

Join The biggest Hackathon against antisemitism in the EU


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The hackathon took place in the POLIN Museum in Warsaw, Poland between the 4th-6th of October 2019.

Groups from Israel, Poland, Germany and the USA worked together to come up with a digital-technological solution which will assist various bodies and organizations in their fight against antisemitism.

The HackHate


Beta Testing

After successful HackHate Hackathon in 2019, Tikkunology Foundation aimed to develop the best ideas into a real application. We use our Irbutz Accelerator to bring the best developers, technology and experts to create a web application ready to not only fight antisemitism but also isolate hateful content from spreading on the Internet using ML and AI.

Honorable Partner:
Key Partners:
Marvelous support for teams

Excellent mentors:

Prof. Michał Bilewicz

Chairman of Center for Research on Prejudice

Anna Zielińska

Adviser on Combating Anti-Semitism, OSCE/ODIHR

Alik Altermalin

CEO of Metis, expert in web analytics, web intelligence, strategic and tactica

Shani Benoualid

Assistant Director for Communications, AJC Paris

Igor Widawski

Project Manager
at Netguru

Utku Uysal

Senior React Native Developer
at Netguru

Supreet Singh Manchanda

Silicon Valley Investor, Managing Director of Raiven Capital

Kerstin Müller

Former Minister of State of the Foreign Office,
Senior Associate fellow of the DGAP

Daniel Arak

Co-Founder and Board Member

Michał Wroczyński

Michał Wroczyński
CEO of Samurai Labs

Bianka Siwińska

Chief Executive Officer
at Perspektywy

Wojciech Ozimek

Chief of Supervisory Board of 11 bit studios

Anna Tatar

Representative of the anti-racist ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association

Piotr Kaczmarek – Kurczak

Department of Entrepreneurship at the Leon Kozminski University

HackHate Hackathon First Edition 2019

The winner is team no. 4 Congratulations!

Josh Chaim (Israel), Magdalena Jajte (Germany), Mariusz Rokicki (Poland), Piotr Hryniewicz (Poland)

We use artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify hateful commentary on social media, determine the location and tag it. From this, we are building sortable and visualizable databases for governments, NGOs and special interest groups who are geared to address and eradicate hate.

Team 4
Read the raport here

It’s worth to check it out!

We prepared some nice video content about HackHate Hackathon.
HackHate Interviews

Watch a playlist where our participants are shering their thoughts about the event.

Marian Turski Speech

An amazing speech of Mr Marian Turski about his experience with the antiSemitism in the perspective of a young boy .

Opening Ceremony

Did you miss the opening ceremony? Don’t worry, you can watch it here.

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